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Our Story

Here at Monster Coffee Roasters we think of monsters as, “poor souls who still haven’t had their morning cup of coffee and therefore, a danger to themselves and others.”... Or something along those lines. Guess what? We are those monsters – and have a strong feeling you might be too!

We used to not enjoy drinking coffee; which is really an issue when you act like a zombie without it. The problem was, we were drinking really bad coffee! It was stale, burnt, and simply put, not good. We decided to learn as much as we could about coffee, the regions, varieties, roasts, you name it we learned it. We've come a long way since then, and while we believe there is still much more to learn, we can now teach you a thing or two.

Monster Coffee Roasters was born out of our desire to bring a richer coffee experience to everyone. We are a female minority small business and understand finding the perfect cup of coffee is important in order to get things done. We want to help you turn your current cup of coffee into more than just a routine and become one of the most enjoyable experiences of the day. 

We believe great coffee doesn’t have to be made by a barista. If you’ve had the time to scroll and read about our journey, you have the time it takes to brew a good cup of coffee. 

Thank you for letting us share our journey with you and allowing us to be part of yours.


Bring fresh and complex coffee to every kitchen while creating visibility for women of color in the coffee industry.


Nancy & Shannon
Your Monster Team